The Value of Becoming a GloTran Reseller

GloTran Reseller

We only grow our business when our resellers grow theirs.

At You First Services, Inc., our goal as a manufacturer is to provide outstanding products with superior product support.

Finding the right biomedical partner to meet the needs of your clients has never been more essential. This is where You First Services, Inc. (YFS) truly outshines the competition.

By partnering with us as a GloTran reseller, you:

Instantly gain access to our industry leading product range and distributor support.

Our drop-shipping program delivers products straight from our manufacturing facility to your customer’s front door, without the need to drop a single dime on new inventory.

In other words: while we handle the logistics, our partners are free from costs, like shipping and maintaining storage space, that keep them from growing their business.

Reseller Overlay for GloTran Disinfection
Amid a pandemic, large numbers of outpatient clinics, hospitals, dental offices, long-term care facilities are still employing inadequate disinfection methods; commonly utilizing disinfectant surface wipes and sprays instead of more advanced and effective techniques. These inexpensive, conventional methods also come with a plethora of drawbacks. This includes the potential to damage sensitive electronic devices, leaving behind toxic residues that can cause skin irritation, and being unable to disinfect hard-to-reach surfaces.

This is where GloTran fills a critical need.

glotran reseller medical equipment

Specifically engineered for these high-infection environments, GloTran provides an automated solution to disinfect difficult-to-treat non-critical and semi-critical medical equipment.

Its “no touch,” hands-free high-level disinfection is delivered inside an enclosed processing chamber, effectively removing a wide range of pathogens with an effortless and effective dry, low-temperature process. GloTran penetrates hard-to-reach areas and mated surfaces by producing ionized gas plasma, which removes harmful biological contaminants.

This treatment is safe for many non-critical and semi-critical medical devices and electronics that cannot be treated with wet or high-temperature disinfection methods.

GloTran’s vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) disinfection technology is proven superior to more conventional methods offered by competitors. Steam-based (autoclaves) and UV disinfection methods, while succeeding under certain conditions, fail to match GloTran’s full-coverage disinfection system.

Because GloTran only uses a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to operate, customers will enjoy significant savings over the life of their product.

Compare this to our competitors, whose devices typically require the purchase of their own unique refill cartridges, often coming at an exorbitant cost.

At YFS, we invest in our partners as much as our products. For this reason, we ensure that when you become a reseller of GloTran you are equipped with the extensive training and support necessary to sell GloTran with confidence.

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide GloTran 4

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