Air Sterilization in Schools with SteriSpace™

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SteriSpace Air Sterilization Technology

Is your school's isolation room Doing enough to protect your students and staff?

Many schools contain designated isolation rooms. But the air in these rooms is shared with other rooms in the facility, rendering them ineffective for containment of infectious diseases.

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SteriSpace™ sets a new “standard of care” for indoor air treatment. SteriSpace can improve indoor air quality by eliminating harmful airborne biological contaminants, by truly sterilizing the air in a single-pass*. Ventilation-associated disease outbreak, as we have experienced with the recent pandemic, can be significantly reduced by preventing the reentry and recirculation of airborne biological contaminants via the school’s central ventilation system.

The maintenance of a negative pressure isolation room, in addition to the dedicated ventilation via SteriSpace, allows for true infection containment and potentially prevent school shutdowns due to superspreading events.

*SteriSpace has repeatedly demonstrated an efficacy of 99.9999%, equivalent to a sterility assurance level of 106 log reduction of various airborne biological contaminants with third-party testing and validation.

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Drawbacks of Alternative Technology in Isolation Rooms

HEPA filters create a breeding ground for harmful contaminants such as mold and bacteria that could grow on them, and it is well known that filters are not able to trap ALL pathogens. Further, HEPA filtration must always be augmented with a secondary method of breaking down the airborne contaminants. 

Bipolar Ionization has hazardous environmental effects. Ionizers generate potentially dangerous levels of ozone which could be harmful to us and our environment. The long-term CO2 buildup negatively impacts cognitive abilities, which is of particular concern for schools because children are more vulnerable than adults to the adverse effects of breathing CO2, in addition to inhaling indoor air contaminants.

Just like Bipolar Ionization, UVC lamps generate Ozone and some UVC lamps also contain toxic Mercury. UV rays disinfect by line of sight, meaning that only areas that UV light shines on directly will be treated and the shadow areas are not treated. UVC lamps lose their efficacy by 15% every 6 months to a year so frequent replacement of the bulbs is require.

Many schools across the nation have been using ESSER Funds to purchase and install needlepoint bipolar ionization air purification devices. The by-products from these devices have been shown to negatively affect cognitive abilities in school-aged children.

SteriSpace Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

The highest level of efficacy available on the market without the drawbacks or side effects of alternative technologies.

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SteriSpace Doesn’t Just Trap

SteriSpace doesn’t trap the pathogens but actually kills them using patented compressive heating technology.

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True Air Sterilization

SteriSpace has repeatedly demonstrated an effective kill rate of 99.9999% aka 6-log kill of biological airborne threats.

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Scalable Technology

SteriSpace can be modified to achieve airflow rates varying between 250 to 5000 cubic feet per minute.

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Uniform Sterilization

The compressed air is treated uniformly so there is no untreated air or leaks.

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Chemical Catalyst Compatible

By adding a chemical catalyst, the system can also eliminate select exhaust pollutants, VOCs and common industrial chemicals.

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Environmentally Safe

SteriSpace does not require noxious, corrosive, or hazardous chemicals to destroy biological contaminants that can harm the environment.

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Now is a great time to implement SteriSpace in the Nurse’s Suite and other high-risk and highly populated areas of the schools such as the screening areas.

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How to Apply for Additional ESSER Funding

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The Biden-Harris Administration established the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and within that plan is the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief, also known as the ESSER fund which provides $122 billion in relief for PreK-12 schools to return to in-person instruction as expeditiously as possible this spring.

In March, states received access to two-thirds of their ESSER allocation—a total of $81 billion.

To receive the remaining $41 billion, each state must develop and submit a “use of funds” plan to the U.S. Department of Education for approval.

ESSER Funding Air Sterilization in Schools

set up a virtual meeting with an air sterilization consultant

Learn how to implement SteriSpace in the Nurse’s Suite and other high-risk areas in your school.