Pro vs. Cons: Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide for Healthcare Disinfection

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Are you still unsure if GloTran’s vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) disinfection technology is a good fit for your medical clients and their cleaning needs?

In healthcare environments, medical professionals rely on critical equipment and modern electronics to meet the expanding needs of their patients. If not properly disinfected, many of these “high touch” lifesaving tools can accumulate a significant pathogenic payload, leading to the potential dissemination of bacterial contamination throughout their facility.

Unfortunately, many medical equipment and devices cannot be disinfected using liquid or high temperature methods. Disinfectant wipes, mists and sprays, for instance, can damage sensitive electronic components and leave behind toxic chemical residue that could lead to a wide degree of health problems.

This is where GloTran, a state-of-the-art disinfection system, produced by You First Services, Inc., proves most effective.

GloTran employs an efficacious and material-friendly VHP disinfection technology to clean a wide range of materials; working deep to kill microorganisms residing in hard to reach places. Meanwhile, its gas plasma process removes all residue and eliminates biological contaminants.

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In additional disinfection studies, GloTran’s VHP technology has demonstrated the ability to inactivate clinically significant pathogens in high numbers (6 LOG kill against hardy, thermally-resistant spores). Altogether, GloTran’s treatment is dry, low-temperature, safe for many non-critical and semi-critical medical devices and electronics that are susceptible to wet or high-temperature disinfection processes.

But as with any form of disinfection, it is important to be aware of all the potential pros and cons to help you make an informed decision on whether GloTran is a good fit for your business:

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  • Safe for patients and staff

Healthcare facilities value the safety of their patients and staff above all else. Because VHP does not produce any toxic by-products, it is a proven standout in these settings. Unlike alternative disinfection methods, GloTran’s plasma cycle, does not leave behind any harmful residue. Also, since VHP disinfection only requires limited human intervention, operators are not exposed to potential hazardous chemicals.

In addition, VHP disinfection is deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration and International Organization for Standardization.

  • Safety for devices

Hydrogen peroxide is known for its excellent material compatibility; suitable for disinfecting many non-critical and semi-critical medical items that includes polymers, sensors and electronics, metals, and electrical components.

For this reason, VHP’s low-temperature disinfection process is essential for temperature-dependent medical devices such as intricate temperature-sensitive products.

  • Safety for the environment

Due to the absence of toxic by-products from VHP disinfection, the process creates no waste and is environmentally friendly.

  • Shorter cycle times

GloTran produces a thorough and uniform high-level disinfection in a quick, automated 20-minute cycle.

  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain

GloTran is easy and inexpensive to maintain because the plasma gas requires extremely small volume of hydrogen peroxide resulting in low operating cost per cycle. Plus, it utilized 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide which inexpensive and readily available, resulting in low annual cost of operation. Users will never need to buy expensive and proprietary refill cartridges from the device manufacturer.



As with many other emerging technologies, there are several intrinsic drawbacks connected to VHP disinfection.

  • Pre-processing

VHP devices require a level of pre-processing (cleaning, drying, wrapping, etc.) before beginning disinfection.

  • Unable to clean organic materials

Because the VHP disinfection process is a strong oxidizer, it may prove incompatible with materials that are cellulose-based including paper, cotton, or wood.

  • Lack of portability

Unlike manual disinfection products or smaller autoclaves, VHP systems are not recommended to be moved from their designated disinfection stations.

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