How GloTran Saves VA Hospitals Money & Resources

For VA hospitals, the practice of maximizing resources while keeping costs down is critical. However, with rising health care costs and larger numbers of aging veterans turning to the VA for care, VA hospitals across the country face a serious tipping point.

Attempts to meet these challenges have led to staggering increases to the VA budget. Recently, the 2021 budget passed by Congress in December 2020 allocated a whopping $243 billion to the VA (an increase of more than $200 billion, or 500 percent, since 2001). And with the ongoing pandemic creating more work for hospital staff, you can safely assume these escalating costs won’t slow down any time soon.

But naturally, the fear is that at some point in the near future, it may not be possible to add more and more money to the budget to delay an inevitable financial catastrophe. With this firmly in mind, to avoid falling off the proverbial “financial cliff,” it’s vital that VA hospitals prioritize fiscal responsibility and make better use of the resources available.

An important component of this includes cutting down on waste and reusing medical equipment and devices whenever possible.

The High Cost of Discarding Reusable Medical Equipment

Non-critical materials which carry pathogenic bacterial and viral loads are all-around medical practitioners all the time. It’s not uncommon for hospitals to throw away specific equipment that includes blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, ultrasound transducers, and pulse oximeters, following a single-use. Because of the relatively low cost of this equipment, it can be less taxing to replace the item each time if proper disinfection methods are not available.

But consider, over time, the cumulative cost of this practice.

So why, despite the FDA deeming it permissible to reuse specific medical devices, are so many hospitals still electing to throw them away? In part, this may have to do with hospitals attempting to reduce the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) by eliminating some frequently handled items from the equation altogether.

Because HAIs can be so difficult to manage using traditional methods (i.e. disinfecting wipes and sprays) hospitals assume less liability by choosing to dispose of certain items rather than administering proper disinfection. Even autoclaves can be ineffective against reducing HAIs because of the inability of select medical devices to withstand autoclaving and the time investment in autoclaving in busy hospitals.

This Is Where GloTran™ Comes in

GloTran allows hospitals to conserve resources and save money by fully disinfecting and reusing many frequently touched equipment that may otherwise have been discarded. 

GloTran is highly effective in killing pathogens and has a unique ability to penetrate hard-to-reach areas and matted surfaces. For hospitals, this takes the guesswork out of whether an object has been thoroughly disinfected. GloTran does all this using hydrogen peroxide and cold plasma technology to disinfect non-critical clinical items quickly and safely with just the push of a button.

Interested in seeing how your facility can take advantage of GloTran’s dry, low-temperature disinfection technology? Then schedule a meeting with one of our disinfection experts to see how GloTran can help your hospital conserve resources while limiting the spread of infections!

HAI Protection

A hospital acquired infections (HAI) is an infection contracted by patients during a hospital stay that was not present or developing at the time of admission.

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