GloTran Introduction with Dr. Deliberato

Hope Dunkleman

Hope Dunkleman

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GloTran Introduction with Dr. Deliberato

Dr. Deliberato is here to show you the ease of use of the GloTran Disinfector.

Dr. Deliberato, from Westlake, OH, is a Prosthodontist that uses GloTran® daily on his dental instruments and other surgical equipment. Watch the video to learn how GloTran can be utilized in the dental industry.

"(In my dental office) There's a lot of equipment that can't be put in an autoclave because it will damage it."

Anthony M Deliberato DDS

GloTran provides effective disinfection and is safe to use on dental equipment and electronics.

GloTran Disinfector

Let one of our disinfection specialists work with you on streamlining your VA disinfection process today.

Learn how GloTran can transform your disinfection process today! 

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