How GloTran™ Can Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

GloTran™ is a low-temperature disinfectant machine that utilizes a patented Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Gas Cold Plasma Technology to disinfect commonly used items in a hospital or healthcare setting including electronics, plastics, and medical tools.

It is more important than ever for hospitals to disinfect all surfaces as COVID-19 can live on plastic and steel surfaces for up to three days. GloTran™ is here to help. The low-temperature technology allows GloTran™ to disinfect certain items that steam autoclaves cannot, and the system is built to clean even hard-to-reach surfaces which is nearly impossible to do with traditional disinfectant wipes.

Items such as cellphones, computer keyboards, certain face masks, blood pressure cuffs, and stethoscopes are all commonly used items that may not be disinfected as often, or as well as they should be. This can spread COVID-19 and other serious hospital-acquired infections. GloTran™ is the solution.

items that can be disinfected To
Slow The Spread of COVID-19 with gloTran:

  • Blood pressure cuff (Sphygmomanometer)
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Stethoscope and cases
  • Pulse oximeter, peripheral probe and cable
  • Clippers, tweezers
  • Sequential compression devices
  • Roho cushions
  • CPAP hoses and face mask
  • Goniometers, for measuring range of motion
  • Needle exchange tongs
  • Otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes
  • Reflex hammers
  • Scissors for non-sterile procedures
  • Speculum lights
  • Ultrasound/Doppler probes on intact skin
  • Airflow sensors (sleep lab)
  • Cast cutting blades / saws
  • Diagnostic imaging: mammography paddles, limb props
  • ECG: Electro-cardiogram cables,  ECG lead wires
  • Electric razor: razor body and handle
  • Defibrillator paddles
  • Traction devices and patient slings
  • Nurse call buttons
  • Paddles


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