GloTran™ Use in Compound Pharmacies & Manufacturing

GloTran™ is a new disinfection system that quickly and easily disinfects pharmaceutical tools and devices with the push of a button. This tabletop device utilizes a hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology to destroy bacteria and mitigate the creation of biofilm, which can contaminate products during compounding or manufacturing operations. The GloTran™ creates a dry, low-temperature environment within its chamber that is safe for many compatible devices and surfaces.

Many devices, tooling, and components can harbor pathogens that are present all around pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, ready to spread contamination. Contamination may lead to loss of productivity, legal liabilities, FDA non-compliance actions, etc.

How GloTran™ Works Differently

GloTran™ Highlights

Uses hydrogen peroxide gas AND cold plasma to reach all exposed & mated surfaces.

Incorporates a proprietary injection system that rapidly converts hydrogen peroxide germicide to gas in seconds

Kills pathogens on all surfaces, crevices, “nooks & crannies”, and the areas that are difficult to wipe.

Suitable for disinfecting many non-critical medical items including heat-sensitive materials and electronic devices.

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GloTran™ is developed by EQM Technologies, Inc., a division of You First Services, Inc. 

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