Can Your Nursing Home Fully Disinfect Frequently Touched Devices?

Can Your Care Facility Fully Disinfect Frequently Touched Devices?

For nursing homes and long-term care facilities, issues of overcrowding have existed well before COVID-19. However, the current pandemic has pushed care facilities front and center as part of identifying the environments most susceptible to the spread of disease. 

For a torrent of reasons, the nursing home sector has stood out as a troubling “perfect storm” for the spread of the virus and other infections. While being an industry that is traditionally understaffed, nursing homes comprise residents with less responsive (or potentially compromised) immune systems, who may spend a considerable time sitting in confined common areas with questionable ventilation. These problems can contribute to higher rates of COVID-19, all while reducing a facility’s ability to contain and treat an outbreak.

Keeping this vulnerable population healthy has been caregivers’ number one priority. As a result, nursing homes have implemented additional safety measures that include social distancing, decreasing the number of outside visitors, making sure common spaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected, all while ramping up testing efforts to ensure those infected are quarantined in a timely manner.

The Importance Disinfecting FrequentlyTouched Devices

While these protocols serve as positive steps in the right direction, in the same vein, the disinfection of frequently touched community items and equipment is an area that is still going overlooked. 

Caretakers rely on a wide variety of non-critical care and clinical tools, and to carry out their day-to-day tasks and ensure the wellbeing of their residents. For staff and residents alike, electronics like tablets and smart devices have become commonplace in care facilities, allowing for quick access to critical patient information and providing the ability to monitor visitors and residents inside their facility. 

In addition, call buttons and television remote controls are easy to miss or not clean thoroughly, and just like electronics, they can easily become agents for spreading harmful pathogens throughout a facility. Proper disinfection of these mobile devices is essential to keeping those working and living in nursing homes safe. 

Protect Residents and Staff with GloTran

In nursing home communities, the consequences of missing (or not fully disinfecting) dangerous microbes can often be a matter of life or death. Therefore, it’s vital these facilities have access to a device specifically designed for use on select non-critical and semi-critical medical devices and electronics. 

GloTran does all of this and more! With automated, short cycle times, GloTran disinfects devices and sensitive electronics that are not amenable to liquid disinfectants, making the unit a perfect disinfection solution for healthcare facilities of all types.

The disinfection unit uses cold plasma (hydrogen peroxide gas plasma) to destroy >99.999% of pathogens and spores to disinfect hard-to-reach surfaces — the kinds often missed by traditional sprays and wipes. 

GloTran is a better way to destroy pathogens. The unit is safe for nursing homes — producing no hazardous byproducts or expensive chemical disposal problems — all with the simple push of a button. 

Interested in all the ways GloTran can help transform your care facility’s disinfection process? Get in touch with one of our disinfection experts to explore all the ways GloTran can work for you.

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