Are Autoclaves All That?

Autoclaves in the Beginning

Autoclaves have been an industry standard since being introduced in the late 19th century. These devices are a commonly accepted “go-to” in a variety of settings, both medical and commercial. Unfortunately, this comes with somewhat of a double-edged sword, since it leads to many organizations neglecting to consider if autoclaves are truly the best fit for their needs. 

Drawbacks of Autoclaving 

The steam technology behind autoclaves is embarrassingly simple, existing and in various forms, and slowly developing over the past one hundred years. The steam functions to apply pressure to equipment within the device to achieve the desired level of sterilization. Once the cycle is complete, the steam is exhausted, and the equipment is carefully removed from the chamber. 

Seems pretty easy, right? It’s just steam – what could possibly go wrong? 

Not so fast, though! Before you go reaching into the autoclave to retrieve your equipment, you want to remember that exposure to steam can be extremely hazardous; causing steam burns, hot fluid scalds, injuries to hands and arms from the door, and possible bodily injury if you don’t follow proper safety measures. 

Autoclave operators should remember to wear the proper protection, including a lab coat, heat-resistant gloves, and eye protection, especially when unloading the autoclave. Also, you should never place sealed containers in an autoclave, as the heavy pressure might cause an explosion. 

Because of their nature, autoclaves can be tedious, time-consuming, and challenging when applied to complex shapes with hard-to-reach surfaces. Beyond this, autoclaves can cause a hefty amount of moisture retention, which can lead to certain instruments being damaged, or overtime, reducing their efficacy. 

GloTran: A Step Above Autoclaves  

Ready to step into the 21st century? With the push of a button, GloTran uses commonly available hydrogen peroxide and cold gas plasma technology to disinfect non-critical medical devices. This procedure provides safe, uniform disinfection to reduce hospital-acquired infections from spreading via equipment used during common medical procedures. 

GloTran can disinfect any non-cellulose-based material. Unlike steam-based cleaners, GloTran can safely disinfect sensitive, often irreplaceable electronic instruments and devices as well as select plastic polymers that are unable to withstand steam sterilization.

Picture a cellphone used all-day by a busy doctor. Electronic devices like these are exposed to just as many biological threats as the doctor, but with fewer ways to make sure they’re properly disinfected. With GloTran, now both the doctor and the cellphone can be safe from harmful microorganisms and ready to face another day of rounds! 

Switch to Automated Disinfection Technology 

We know that there is comfort in a well-known system like autoclaves, but they aren’t without their faults. GloTran introduces a better way to destroy pathogens. GloTran’s ability to safely and consistently kill 99.999% of pathogens including hardy bacterial spores with dry, low-temperature disinfection places it into a category all its own!  

Let one of our disinfection experts explain the technology and how it’s beneficial to your hospital, dental office, or health care setting.  

HAI Protection

A hospital acquired infections (HAI) is an infection contracted by patients during a hospital stay that was not present or developing at the time of admission.

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