Say Hello to GloTran®
for VA HealthCare

GloTran with Glow

GloTran is an automated disinfection system that utilizes hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology. Our Disinfection process is safe for electronic and non-cellulose-based materials.

Let's talk about how GloTran outperforms other disinfection technology and how it can reduce the number of Hospital Acquired Infections in your facility

The GloTran® Difference

Run Time

A quick run time of only 20 minutes compared to hours of the other disinfecting devices.

Nooks & Crannies

GloTran can reach areas that are hard to disinfect. We promise that all areas will be disinfected not just the exposed areas. 

No Water Damage

Our dry disinfecting process saves electronics from water damage and metal medical devices from rust. 

Our Company

GloTran® is developed by EQM Technologies, Inc., a division of You First Services, Inc. 

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