Infection Control & Surface Treatment

GloTran™ can treat materials in a variety of settings and industries. Its advantages include low temperature, dry treatment environment and automated fast process.

Non-Critical Medical Equipment Disinfection

Any equipment or materials that come into contact with human touch collect a significant pathogenic load. As a result, numerous high-touch clinical items have been widely documented to carry and spread germs. Difficulties in cleaning and disinfection, device complexity, deep crevices and voids, and varying material composition make it extremely difficult to properly disinfect the various non-critical items in a clinic or hospital. Manual cleaning can also take significant contact time (wet contact time, wiping, and drying steps). It also exposes staff to potentially hazardous chemicals. GloTran™ is effective on most surfaces, including select fabrics and plastics.

* complete list of materials available upon request.

Some reusable Medical Items that can be disinfected with GloTran™ include:

  • Blood pressure cuff (Sphygmomanometer)
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Stethoscope and cases
  • Pulse oximeter, peripheral probe and cable
  • Clippers, tweezers
  • Sequential compression devices
  • Roho cushions
  • CPAP hoses and face mask
  • Goniometers, for measuring range of motion
  • Needle exchange tongs
  • Otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes
  • Reflex hammers
  • Scissors for non-sterile procedures
  • Speculum lights
  • Ultrasound/Doppler probes on intact skin
  • Airflow sensors (sleep lab)
  • Cast cutting blades / saws
  • Diagnostic imaging: mammography paddles, limb props
  • ECG: Electro-cardiogram cables,  ECG lead wires
  • Electric razor: razor body and handle
  • Defibrillator paddles
  • Traction devices and patient slings
  • Nurse call buttons
  • Paddles

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