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Where conventional methods fail

In a healthcare setting, many non-critical medical devices as well as some widely used electronics can become contaminated with bacteria and viruses. These items can spread infections and diseases if not properly disinfected.


Conventional Manual Disinfectants

Careful cleaning and disinfection are essential in assuring infection prevention and patient safety in hospitals.  Unfortunately, traditional manual disinfectants are often sub-optimal when it comes to effective protection against the spread of pathogens.

One issue with manual disinfection methods is that it largely depends on the operator’s consistent and accurate execution of the disinfection procedure. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or inconsistent application lowers the efficacy of traditional disinfection products.

Multiple studies show that traditional methods do not fully penetrate and disinfect hard-to-reach areas. This results in inconsistent device disinfection and transmission of disease. Traditional manual disinfection products also generate a lot of waste.

Additionally, today’s healthcare industry relies on many electronic devices, such as tablets, computers, and other portable electronic equipment. Most of these items cannot be disinfected using liquid or other wet methods of treatment. Wet wipes, mists, and sprays can damage sensitive electronic components, leave behind toxic residues, causing skin irritation and other health problems.

Common Problems With Wipes And Sprays


Why GloTran™?

GloTran™ is an automated disinfection system based on cold plasma disinfection technology.

GloTran™ has a great ability to penetrate into hard-to-reach areas and mated surfaces. The gas plasma also removes all residues and detoxifies contaminants. The treatment is dry and cool, safe for many non-critical devices and electronics that cannot be treated with wet or high-temperature disinfection methods. The process is automated and effortless and delivers consistent results.

GloTran™ Highlights

Uses hydrogen peroxide gas AND cold plasma to reach all exposed & mated surfaces.

Incorporates a proprietary injection system that rapidly converts hydrogen peroxide germicide to gas in seconds

Kills pathogens on all surfaces, crevices, “nooks & crannies”, and the areas that are difficult to wipe.

Suitable for disinfecting many non-critical medical items including heat-sensitive materials and electronic devices.


How Does GloTran™ Work?

GloTran’s process is based on the following simple steps:

  • The devices uses electro-magnetic energy
  • Creates oxidative free-radicals that kill (superior sporicidal activity)
  • Plasma is the primary means of cleaning away superficial surface residue
  • Hydrogen peroxide and ionization is the means of inactivating germs
  • Provides more oxidization potential and more free electrons than almost all other methods.
  • Process is toxic to micro-organisms, resulting in highly effective reduction of pathogens.
Diagram - Glotran Disinfection Process

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